Middle School

At the start of Year 3 pupils join the Middle School (Years 3 – 5) where they are taught by form teachers in mixed ability classes for the majority of their academic lessons. The form teacher remains the key person in each pupil’s life and is responsible for their overall pastoral care. At the same time, the pupils’confidence is enhanced as they begin to take advantage of the extensive facilities and specialist teachers in Science, French, Music, Drama, Art and PE.

Our aim is provide a nurturing and caring environment where pupils will flourish and develop skills that they will keep for life. Our form teachers in the Middle School have a wonderful rapport with the pupils and guide them both academically and socially. Parents are also welcomed in the classroom before and after school where they can see their children’s work and discuss matters arising from the busy school day.

Senior School

In the final three years at OBH, pupils leave the class based environment and move around the school to be taught be specialist teachers. There is some setting in Maths, Science, French and Latin to ensure that pupils work at an appropriate level and pace which has a positive effect on pupils’ learning and helps to build their confidence.

A form teachers continues to oversee their overall academic progress, takes care of their social and personal welfare and remains in regular communication with parents. Our aim is to prepare confident and independent pupils who have the skills required not just for their senior schools but for life.