Religious Studies

Religious Studies seeks to affirm Christian principles and nurture a respect for other cultures and faiths within a supportive learning environment.

The academic challenges of the curriculum encourage our children to achieve not only the best they can but also to enable them to relate their life experiences within a contemporary social and spiritual understanding. The Christian ethos of OBH forms a key part of community life and pupils taken an active role in preparing, leading and participating in diverse forms of worship, both at school and in the local Church.

Many pupils in Years 7 & 8 take the opportunity to prepare for their Confirmation. Biblical studies and the festivals in the Christian year form a core component of the curriculum in all Year groups. A comprehensive study of Judaism and Islam is also undertaken and their learning from this course work is consolidated with visits to the respective places of worship and in-depth interviews with a variety of speakers from these faiths.

The children gain a broad knowledge of three major world religions, which facilitates their understanding of the values and skills they need to be compassionate and responsible citizens within the global community.

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