Year 8 Debate…

Year 8 have been tackling the following debate subject:

‘This house believes that in our age of overpopulation and pollution, we should be taking our holidays in the UK, rather than adding to the global carbon footprint.’

Once everyone has completed their own version, Dr Marshall and Year 8 hope to have a live remote debate.

Here’s what Lottie has to say on the subject.

Should We Holiday Abroad?

Good morning, today I will be debating whether ‘in our age of over population, we should be taking our holidays in the UK rather than adding to the global carbon footprint’ and why it is important for our planet, followed by my own conclusion.

Firstly, it is important that we protect our planet. Scientists say that we only have eleven years to turn the Earth around before damage becomes irreparable. We need to take this deadline seriously and start helping our beautiful planet. One way in which we can do this is by not going on holiday abroad. When we go on holiday, we tend to drive or, most commonly, take a plane. Planes are quick and comfortable to travel on. But they have a hidden deadly secret. Planes are the most polluting mode of transport, producing 90kg of carbon dioxide per hour. That is a lot of carbon dioxide, which is not good for the planet as it contributes to something called the ‘greenhouse effect’, more commonly known as global warming. If we do not go on holiday abroad, we massively decrease the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. We can eventually conquer global warming. Although some people do use planes to get around the UK, it is not the only method of travel. You do not have to take the plane. There is always an alternative route and a way to help the planet.

Another reason that we should not go on holiday abroad is because of ‘over-tourism’. There are many great wonders on the Earth that bring people from all the four corners of the world. However, with all the people flocking to see these amazing sights, many attractions are suffering from mass tourism, like Venice, the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. We want these reminders of past lives to survive into the future. To ensure this happens, we need to marvel at these amazing human structures from a distance. By doing this you are preserving these landmarks for generations yet to come. It is true that tourism provides money for poor countries, and if we took it away where would their citizens get their money? Well, they could go back to the way they made money before tourism, by farming or starting a business. Countries and regions could provide support for their people, like the local farm shops we have in rural England. If we can do it, so can they.

Lastly, why would you want to go abroad when we have a great country already? You can spend your holidays down in Cornwall enjoying the seaside or trekking in the Lake District. The small island of England has lots of possibilities. What do other countries have that our small island does not? We all live here, but how many of us actually really know our country? Instead of flying all the way over to Brazil or some other hot country, we can spend our summers running through the woods, canoeing in lakes or sailing down rivers. England is full of adventures; you simply need to look. Some people go abroad to explore new territories, see mind blowing landmarks and to relax all at the same time. You do not need to go abroad to do all those things. England has its own array of amazing sights and there are always new places to explore. Relaxing is also a definite ‘must’, whether you go on holiday or are at home. England can offer plenty of places where you can get away from reality for a while.

I conclude that it would benefit the planet if we holidayed in the UK. We can help prevent the Earth from suffering a horrible fate. If some of us start to do this, then others will follow. We can spread the seeds and let them germinate in others’ minds. If we convince enough people, we might save our planet. This is our responsibility, and only you can change our future.