Speech Day 2022

The morning of Saturday 9th July was rather special. The sun shone as our children from Year 3 -8 gathered in the marquee to celebrate a rather amazing year at OBH.

Congratulations to all our worthy prize winners, our New Head Boy and Girl, Zachary and Amelia; to Mercury House for winning the Bullen Cup and to our incredible Year 8 children.

Year 8, we will miss you so very much. You leave OBH as Buckaneers and one thing we ask, always remember the OBH Way:

Courage, Kindness, Pride, Respect, Responsibility and Community.

We also celebrated achievements, laughed a lot and listened to Mr Martin Ives who was our Headmaster from 1997 to 2010 and said goodbye to those teachers who have inspired us and helped ignite a love of learning. Goodbye Mrs Allen, Mr Gillott, our GAP student – Mr McBean-Willis and Mr Bunting (sort of). Mr Bunting will be returning to OBH part time but quite simply, this man is a legend.

This term was Mr Bunting’s 99th Term at OBH and in recognition of this, Mr Bunting was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement award at the Pearson Teaching Awards. He was awarded a certificate of Excellence, presented by Austin Cornish, a current parent who was taught by Chris in the 1970s.

We listened to beautiful performances by our Senior String Quartet who played Pachelbel’s Canon and soloist, Cecilia Godfrey who sung He Lives in You, from The Lion King.

Many happy memories were made this day.

OBH School Year 2021-2022…thank you and goodnight!