ISI rates Old Buckenham Hall ‘excellent’ in all areas

Old Buckenham Hall achieved the top rating of ‘excellent’ in all areas following their recent ISI inspection in May 2018.

The Inspectorate said “The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements [and] the quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent”.

The report states “pupils of all ages are energetic, enthusiastic, confident and happy learners” who make excellent progress and “achieve high levels of success in scholarships and senior school entrance examinations”. They embrace the next steps in their education with “confidence and excitement” and their “self-confidence and self-awareness is excellent as a result of strong teacher support and excellent pastoral care”.

The Inspectors commented that “Pupils benefit from a rigorous curriculum with many opportunities”. Some of the examples given include: an extensive range of physical activities and sports, exciting challenges that require strong team work skills during Old Buckenham Explorers and drama and musical performances in a variety of groups and situations. In Pre-Prep there are many opportunities for outdoor learning and role play. Pupils use natural materials to create patterns and designs and simple graphics programmes to create their own pictures. Boarders have plenty of time to relax and play outside, including occasional supper-time picnics and cycling around the school grounds. Enthusiastic teachers have high expectations, offer outstanding support and challenge to pupils of all abilities. Pupil’s individual interests, gifts, talents, effort and achievements are recognised and celebrated.

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