OBH £10 Challenge at the South Suffolk Show

Year 7s were at the South Suffolk Show showcasing the work they had produced for the £10 challenge. At the end of the Lent term the pupils had been given the task to buy and create something for just £10. Over the holidays they had come up with ideas and for the past two weeks they have been working hard to make sure that their product was ready for the show. The ideas included garden planters, hand drawn cards, bath bombs, handmade beauty sets, recycled bottle plant pots, lip scrub, canvas bags, and face painting.

They all worked extremely hard during the day and each team received generous donations. The total raised came to £248 which is to be donated to The Bateman’s Trust. Well done, to everyone for their the hard work they put in leading up to the event and also during the day; they were all excellent ambassadors.