Boarding is comfortable, caring and above all fun!

We strongly believe in the value of boarding; by living together in a close community the children are able to build up their self-confidence, independence and community spirit. The OBH boarding experience offers the perfect preparation for boarding at Senior School, as well as the chance to take full advantage of all that our facilities and staff can offer, long after the teaching day is over.

We have three Boarding Houses – a Girls’ House, a Boys’ House and Spero, a Monday – Friday junior boarding house for all Year 3, 4 and 5 boarders. The recent refurbishment offers pleasantly decorated and cosy dorms and comfortable common rooms in which to relax and unwind after a busy day. The Headmaster lives in the heart of the school and a dedicated team of houseparents, matrons and the school nurse are responsible for the overall welfare and day-to-day wellbeing of the boarders.

Enthusiastic staff run a range of activities during the evenings as well as a fun and structured weekend programme, making full use of our beautiful 80-acre grounds. Boarders’ parents are encouraged to visit their children regularly, to watch concerts, plays, matches, to attend church and stay for coffee on Sundays.

We make it easy for children and parents to grow into boarding. It is available to all pupils in the prep school. Many choose to start as day pupils and transfer to boarding once they have settled in. A range of boarding options are available; from two or three nights in school as a transitional boarder, to weekly boarding – enabling fuller involvement in evening activities and full boarding which allows pupils to stay in for 11 nights and enjoy the extensive range of exciting activities offered throughout the weekend.


Uniform List for Girl Boarder


Uniform List for Boy Boarder