Healthy Eating


Active, growing children and young people require plenty of wholesome food and regular meals. At Old Buckenham Hall we believe that we can offer something that will satisfy everyone. We support ethical buying, and we use locally grown, environmentally sustainable food wherever possible.

We use as much fresh food as possible, with our menus linked to seasonal produce. We work with our suppliers to make as much use as appropriate of organic, natural food products and fair trade produce and to eliminate GM food and potentially harmful food additives.

We ensure that our suppliers, local and national are committed to providing best quality and value, with the highest standards of accredited health and safety. We expect them to have procedures covering full trace-ability of source through the supply chain, with comprehensive food labelling, supplying information on both allergens and nutritional data.


Breakfast, morning break, lunch, tea and supper are all served in the school dining room.

Breakfast always includes cereal, fresh fruit, yoghurt, toast, fruit juice and tea. A cooked breakfast (bacon, egg, sausage etc…) is served on alternate days with a Continental breakfast (croissants, pain au chocolat, cheese, ham, eggs etc…) on the other days.

Morning break is a homemade cake, biscuit or tray bake with a glass of milk, squash or water.

A 3 course lunch is served every day. Homemade soup is always on the menu, served with crusty rolls and butter. A hot main course is offered along with a vegetarian option and a salad bar where a
range of salads, cold meats and fish are available. A pudding is served every day alongside a selection of fresh fruit. Water is on every table.

Afternoon tea consists of sandwiches, squash, milk and water. Tea and hot chocolate are offered in the cold Winter months.

A 2 course supper is served every evening. It will consist of a hot meal or a vegetarian option, salad bar and baked potatoes are also available.



Snacks are offered at bedtime. The younger boarders have milk and biscuits in their houses. The older children have fruit, toast or cereal in the dining room. Year 8 boarders will sometimes have hot
chocolate in their houses before bed.


Sweetie Shop

We have own OBH ‘Sweetie Shop’. This is stocked with chocolate, old fashioned sweets and homemade treats such as fudge and Rocky Road. The boarders are able to visit the shop on
Wednesday and Saturday evenings and on Sunday after lunch. They may spend up to 30p per visit.

Sweets are NOT allowed to be brought into school from home. Parents are strongly discouraged from providing their children with sweets, fizzy drinks and crisps.


Drinking Water

Drinking water is widely available throughout the school. There are water dispensing machines around the school, water is always available in the dining room and water bottles are taken out for
games sessions.


Great care is taken when planning menus to include a wide range of different foods and a well-balanced diet.

  • We offer a choice between hot and cold food with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and salads.
  • Our 4 weekly menus are posted on our website at the beginning of each term.
  • We attempt to cater for all tastes and preferences, including vegetarian.


Special Diets

We expect all children to eat the school meals and can only meet individual requirements that are based upon attested medical grounds.

We run a nut-free kitchen; however, any food that might contain nuts or traces of nuts is clearly labelled.

Parents of children who have allergies to any food product, or who have special dietary requirements, are asked to make this clear on the medical questionnaire which they complete when their child enters the school. They should inform the school at once if their son or daughter subsequently develops an intolerance of any food.

The School Nurse and the Catering Manager are happy to see any parent who has concerns about their son or daughter’s medical condition, and to devise a special menu where practically possible.


Learning to Cook

We believe that cooking is an important life skill. It is also fun and creative! We run a very popular ‘Cookery Club’ where the children learn to cook some delicious dishes.


Learning about Food

We devote time in both science and PHSCE lessons to ensure our pupils understand why a healthy diet is important.