The Learning Success Department is made up of a team of qualified and experienced staff who have a passion and enthusiasm for supporting children to achieve their full potential.  Staff are encouraged to share their good practice and engage with professional discussions in the field of SEND.  At the heart of the Learning Success Department is a desire to ensure that all the students find the self-belief that they need to achieve.  Our department works hard to support students in overcoming their challenges and constantly strives to instill high aspirations.

The shape of the provision includes:

  • Group sessions
  • In-class support
  • 1:1 teaching sessions.

The department is also engaging with the ever-growing field of assistive technology and works with several outside agencies including:

  • Education Psychologists
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Counseling Services

Being an integral part of the Old Buckenham Hall community, The Learning Success Department works with subject teachers and Form Teachers to monitor the progress of students in their classrooms and all staff work together to shape the provision that is needed.  The department also helps class teachers in identifying children who may require additional support through the use of best practice observation, tracking and assessment tools.

The Learning Success Department is located in two key areas of the school; between the Britten Hall and the Long Classrooms for students in Years 5 – 8  and, for students in Pre-Prep and Middle School, there is a teaching space in Stable Yard.  The location of these teaching areas means they are easily accessed by the students and, whilst there are timetabled teaching sessions happening throughout the school day, students are always welcome to drop in for a chat.