The principle aim of the Design Technology Department is to create, establish and deliver an inspiring learning environment to ignite the imagination of the next generation of Great British Designers.

By delivering culturally current, multi-disciplined projects, we engage pupils and enable them to explore and evaluate their ideas, experiment with materials and ultimately design and produce meaningful products. In a fast-changing technological world, we relish the challenge to equip our pupils with new practical skills and cultivate an understanding of industrial processes, aesthetic considerations, social and environmental issues. Pupils are taught to push the boundaries of their knowledge, pursuing excellence by experimenting, exploring, investigating and developing their creative ideas. Learning and researching examples of past and contemporary Design Technology enables pupils to reflect on successes and failures alike. Advocating draughtsmanship through traditional means and ICT/CAD/CAM is a core process in each project. Equal importance is placed on genuine, hands-on practical skills; by making and doing, pupils can feel a sense of pride and achievement in their completed work. All pupils are taught best practice in regards to Health, Hygiene and Safety. Our ultimate aim is that by the end of Year 8, pupils are prepared for senior school entry and beyond. Their imagination will have been ignited, they will have become enthusiastic and culturally current designers who are passionate about Design Technology.

The children are taught in newly refurbished facilities; which boasts a light, airy and well-equipped Workshop, a recently developed Design Studio with PC’s and IPads and also an excellent Food Technology lab. The curriculum is diverse and varied, with the Programmes of Study ranging from traditional woodworking skills, textiles, systems and electronics, CAD/CAM, resistant materials and cooking and nutrition.