Pupils follow an in-house program of study developed to provide an exciting and stimulating introduction to the Sciences. Our program of study for all pupils represents a broad and balanced view of Science which includes an equal mix of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, whilst introducing some Astronomy, Earth Science and Electronics.

The children are actively encouraged to further develop their scientific thinking by undertaking a wide range of practical activities that explore a cycle of hypothesis, practical experimentation, observation, theory development and review. Further, the Science program of study allows us to provide a rich and exciting range of opportunities to develop personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS), developing scientific thinking and curiosity about natural phenomena.  Through the build-up of a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts, pupils are encouraged to recognise the power of rational explanation and develop a sense of wonder.

As children progress through the school the time allocated to Science increases so that by Years 7 and 8, they will have 210 minutes of Science per week.

In the Science department, we all share the strong belief that learning is not restricted to the classroom. As such our pupils are able to take advantage of a fantastic range of extra-curricular opportunities to further excite and capture the imagination! We welcome; Bristol University’s Department of Chemistry and their ‘Pollutant’s Tale’ who will provide us with plenty of smoke, explosions and wow moments! Each year we host around 11 schools who participate in our Women in Science and Technology day, the challenges set the teams require excellent synergy and for pupils to bring all of their acquired Scientific skills to the bench! Competition is always fierce but the rivalry friendly! Outside of school, we offer visits to both the Natural History Museum and Science Museum in London, Colchester Zoo, The National Space Centre, The Big Bang Fair, iFly Milton Keynes and each year 4 lucky students represent OBH at the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry!