The new Theology, Philosophy and Religion curriculum is a rewritten and refreshed approach to this subject which is becoming more and more important and relevant.

The subject is under-pinned by the school’s Christian ethos and there are many opportunities throughout the school for children to study the main Christian festivals and teachings. The approach to the subject is questioning and critical by nature as children are encouraged to find the ideas and answers to important questions. They are also studied with contemporary eyes to give children the chance to think and explore how the stories and ideas are relevant to our ever-changing world.

We also recognise the importance of understanding our place in a global community and much time is given to studying the other main world religions: Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. This enables the children to compare and contrast as well as developing knowledge, awareness and empathy.

The children in the senior years also study Philosophy by considering the different areas, nature and development of philosophy. They also study some of the greatest thinkers, their ideas and how they viewed some of life’s most important questions and issues. This runs alongside a study of ethics where children are encouraged to think critically, discuss, debate and present about important, and sometimes controversial, issues.

The aim is to develop knowledgeable, empathetic, thoughtful pupils who can reason and communicate their considered ideas.