Staff List

“Pupils describe good relationships with staff. They speak of being looked after and being happy at the school.”


Senior Management Team

Mr Tom O’Sullivan LLB (Hons) PGCE

Mr David Farquharson
Deputy Head

Mr Graham Nixey BA FCCA

Mr Chris Bunting BSc(Hons)
Senior Master,  ICT, Science

Mrs Camilla Webster B. Ed
Head of Pre-Prep

Mr Nick Drake HND, IPGCE
Director of Sport

Mrs Emma Easdale RGN
Head of Pastoral Care, School Nurse, Child Protection Officer

Prep School Staff

Mr Freddie Auld BA (Hons), PGCE
Year 8 Form Teacher, Latin

Mrs Rachel Auld
French Teacher

Mr Russell Barrett BEd (Hons)
Year 7 Form Teacher, Geography

Mrs Tiffany Blackhurst BSc(Hons), PGCE

Mrs Claire Bolton BA (Hons), PGCE
Art & Design Technology 

Mr Chris Bunting BSc (Hons)
Science, ICT

Mrs Julia Campbell Ad Dip CSN, Cert Ed

Mrs Fiona Chapple BA (Hons) PGCE
Year 7 Form Teacher, Maths

Mrs Debra Cook
Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Gerdine Cubitt MA, PGCE
Year 8 Form Teacher, Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Nick Drake HND IPGCE
Year 6 Form Teacher, Director of Sport

Mr David Farquhason BA (Hons)
Deputy Head

Mr Stephen Gillott BSc (Hons) PGCE
Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Chloé Hayes BSc (Hons), PGCE
Learning Support Teacher

Mr Steven Hayes BEd (Hons) (Cantab)
Year 7 Form Teacher, History & Religious Studies

Mrs Hilary Jacklin
Learning Support Assistant

Dr Rodney Marshall MA, PhD
Head of English

Miss Kimble Mckiever
GAP Student

Mrs Barbara McKrill
Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Jen Miller BSc (Hons) PGCE
Year 6 Form Teacher, Maths

Mr Rob Miller BA(Hons) PGCE
Maths, RE, Houseparent

Mrs Nicola Nunn BA (Ed)
Learning Support Teacher

Mr Nick Pascalides BMus (Hons) PGCE
Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Sarah Pertwee RSADip, MontDip
Learning Support Teacher

Mrs Hannah Phillips
Girls’ Games Co-Ordinator, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Judy Powell HLTA, MontDip
Teaching Assistant, Drama

Mrs Caroline Rice BA (Ed) (Hons)
Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator (5-8), Year 5 Form Teacher, English

Mr Keith Roberts MA (Cantab) MSc
Director of Music

Mr Charlie Struss
GAP Student

Mr Andrew Swiney BA (Hons)
DT, Games, Year 5 Form Teacher

Mrs Alex Thurlow BA (Hons)
PE Teacher

Mrs Annie Wainwright BA (Hons), CertEd
Learning Support Teacher

Mrs Emily Warren BEd (Hons)
Head of Middle School, Year 3 Teacher

Pre-Prep Staff

Mrs Camilla Webster BEd (Cantab)
Head of Pre-Prep, Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Laura Allison BA (Hons)
Deputy Head of Pre-Prep, Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Emma Barrett
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jo Drake IPGCE
Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Gemma Gillott MA (Cantab) PGCE
Reception Teacher, Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator (EYFS – Yr 4)

Mrs Leanne Pugh EYPS, BSc
Nursery Teacher

Mrs Fiona Lapthorne
Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hannah Phillips
Teaching Assistant

Pastoral/Medical/Matronal Staff

Mrs Emma Easdale RGN
Head of Pastoral Care, Parent of Junior Boarding House, School Nurse, DSL

Mr Rob Miller BA (Hons), PGCE
Houseparent (Boys)

Miss Tracey Thornton
Houseparent (Girls), Senior Matron

Dr Mark Hainsworth
School Doctor

Mrs Debra Gooderham

Mrs Mandi Huxtable
School Counsellor

Mrs Barbara McKrill
Resident Matron

Miss Theresa Osborn
Resident Matron

Miss Emily Olston
Assistant Matron

Rev. Tiffer Robinson
Independent Listener

Administrative Staff

Mrs Sally-Ann Angel MA (Cantab) ACA

Ms Aishah Anjum MA HRM, CIMA Cert BA, Assoc CIPD
Assistant Bursar

Mrs Joanna Riddleston
Headmaster’s PA & Registrar

Mrs Hannah Wijnen
Office Manager

Mrs Linda Williams BEd (Hons)

Mr Francis Jackson AAT
Book Keeper

Mr Graeme Harris
IT Technician


Catering & Domestic

Mrs Jane Heeks
Catering Manager

Mr Michael Pursell
Catering Manager

Mrs Janice Pryke

Mrs Hayley Upton
Deputy Housekeeper


Mr David Mitchell
Estates Manager

Mr Ray Murrell

Mr William Ferris

Mr Michael Johnson

Mr Trevor Green

Mr Rob Evans

Mr Phil Fairbrother
Minibus Driver