A precious lifetime gift for every child to enjoy. Music is about the co-ordination of mind and body, decision-making and balancing of ideas, creativity and self-discipline and the development of skills of the highest order.

The music department at OBH is an exciting, thriving environment for children to explore their potential. A full series of concerts and performance opportunities throughout the year allow our pupils to gain in confidence and explore everything music has to offer. All pupils have class music lessons each week as part of the curriculum in which they learn a variety of different skills, including: keyboard skills, music theory, music history, developing listening skills, composing music to stimuli and learning about the lives of some of the great composers. We bring technology into the classroom wherever possible in projects such as writing music for TV adverts. Pupils are given plenty of opportunities to express their emotions through music composition and class performances.


Weekly Ensembles

The ensembles we offer allow every child who has individual music lessons to be involved in at least one group activity each week.

Monday1:30pmJunior Strings
Tuesday8:00amSenior Choir
1:00pmWind Band
1:30pmJunior Samba Band
6:30pmChamber Choir
Wednesday8:15pmString Orchestra
3:30pmPre-Prep Choir
Thursday1:00pmSenior Tuned Percussion
1:30pmGuitar Ensemble
4:40pmJunior Theory Class (Years 3-4)
Friday1:00pmSenior Samba Band


Music Lessons

A fantastic team of 12 visiting instrumental teachers come to the school each week to offer the very highest standard of music tuition on all orchestral instruments as well as singing, piano, guitar, drums, harp and bagpipes! A large percentage of children at OBH choose to learn an instrument and many choose to learn more than one. Through our busy schedule of both informal and formal performance opportunities each term all children have the chance to perform in public several times throughout the year.

If your child is interested in applying for music lessons please contact the Director of Music on Email: [email protected]