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A Peek at our Week…


In Hedgehogs this week, we have been looking at different insects. We even looked at a real bee using a magnifying glass. We made our own bees and they are all buzzing around the flowers in Nursery. We have been talking about patterns and recognising stripes, just like we saw on the bee. We have enjoyed going to the Library, where some Year 5 children have read us lots of stories and we have been getting ready for the Royal Wedding, making crowns and listening to different wedding tunes on the keyboard.

Grasshoppers have been exploring number lines as a tool to help with their addition and subtraction. The children drew their own number lines on the playground and worked with their partner friends to jump forward and backwards, solving number problems. The children have also explored the story of the Hungry Caterpillar, making caterpillars and butterflies to add to the role play area.

Acorns have been working hard writing their formal letters to complete our unit about letters. During our art lesson we created a portrait of ‘Flora’ using flowers and leaves. We have challenged ourselves in numeracy learning about inverse operations and beginning to learn our times tables, all in the same week!

Woodpeckers have been working incredibly hard on division this week, culminating in some word problems based on the royal wedding: If Meghan has 10 diamonds, which she shares equally between her 5 bridesmaids, how many diamonds do they each receive? We also enjoyed playing pelmanism and charades with different combinations of nouns and verbs – the children found some of the wrong combinations hilarious!

Who dares venture to Monster Island?
In MBEs this week, the Year 1 and 2 children went on a monster hunt, across the school to Island Pond. There they found a huge monster made out of logs and branches. In teams, the children had a lot of fun building mini monsters all around the island. We were going to clear them away at the end, but the children persuaded me to leave them as a surprise for Mr. Drake!

Growth Mindset in the Pre-Prep
We have been thinking about Growth Mindset in the Pre-Prep this week – believing in the power of practise and that nothing is impossible. We have all integrated this into our lessons, through inspirational quotes; thinking about brain development; thankfulness jars; WOW buckets and many other brilliant activities. The children have loved thinking about what makes them them, and we have created a wall of ‘what makes us’ which will be going up in the Front Hall at the start of next week.

What a splash!

With woggles at the ready, goggles on and plenty of suncream, the children have loved a few dips in the school pool this week. After only a couple of swims it is amazing to see how their confidence has grown and the fun they have been having!

Street Party

In honour of the royal wedding next Saturday, the Pre-Prep will be having a street party on Friday lunch time. Please could children bring in crowns, tiaras or wedding hats to wear for lunch. Fingers crossed for the weather!

The Whispering Garden

The Year 1 and 2 children have started plans for an EYFS Whispering Garden, within our walled garden. We want to make a place where the younger children can go to escape the hussle and bussle of the main garden and spend some time in quiet imaginative play. The Year 1 and 2 children are planning and creating the garden as part of their MBE lessons. We are planning a mud kitchen, fairy tree, rainbow pathway, sun catchers, chalk board and sandpit.

Play across the year groups

One of the wonderful things about being a small department, is how the children play across age groups at playtime. At so many schools, children only play with children in their class, or parallel classes…. Not at OBH. Two Year 2 girls, one Year 1 girl and a Nursery girl playing a wonderful game with two Year 2 boys and two Reception boys – the whole age range in our Pre-Prep. They were playing chase, races, cheerleading and having a wonderful time!

Coming up…

We have some lovely events this term in the Pre-Prep: from tea parties and and informal concert to the Summer Show and Sports Day. Click here for the Pre-Prep Summer Term Key Dates.

Parent and Baby/Toddler
Every Tuesday morning during term time, 10.00am – 11.30am
Themed crafts, soft play and music each week and toddler dance/drama session every half term with dance teacher Miss Sarah.

Grandparents’ & Godparents’ Strawberry Tea
Friday, 11th May. 1.30pm.

The Friends Second Hand Shop

The shop will be open for purchasing on:
Tuesdays: 8.30 am—9.30 pm
Home Weekend Fridays: 2.30 pm—3.30 pm

For further information please contact


Late Stay and Owls

Please remember to sign up for Late Stay and Owls including supper when required. We need to give the kitchen advance notice of food requirements so that they can organise their daily menus and ingredients.