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 A Peek at our Week…

Remembrance Day

The Pre-Prep children had a lovely, and very important, experience this morning. We joined the main school up by the War memorial for readings, two minutes silence and ‘The Last Post’. They all understood the history and meaning of the morning, thanks to some excellent lessons and activities it in the classrooms. Each class made different poppies, which we gathered together and turned into a beautiful Pre-Prep poppy wreath, which was laid at the school memorial during the service.

Hedgehogs have had some very special visitors to help them in Nursery this week – Cinnamon & Spice the Kindness elves. They have been helping the nursery children to be kind and thoughtful to everybody in the Pre-Prep.

This week in Grasshopper class, the children have been finishing off their fireworks work by making some delicious marshmallow catherine wheels. They have also been printing with apples and their hands to create poppy wreaths.

Acorn class have enjoyed making bird feeders this week, using half an orange, bird seed and lard. They compared the weather in Tromso and the UK and learnt what the different symbols mean in a weather forecast.

Woodpeckers have been learning about recycling this week and the class have all enjoyed learning how they can make our planet a better place. They have been assigned the roles of ‘eco warriors’ at school – making sure lights are turned off when not needed, taps are not running unnecessarily and paper/card is recycled. I (Mrs. W) have already been scolded for strolling out of the room with the lights on! We want to be part of the solution not the pollution.


Upcoming events…

Learning about our favourite authors, 29th November.
In a couple of weeks we are welcoming back Usbourne books for a Book Fair. This will be set up in the Dandelion room, by the front door. All children will have the opportunity to look through the books with their class, but please do feel free to browse with them at drop-of or pick-up. There will be an order form on top of the book shelf.

In honour of the book fair we have chosen famous children’s authors as our assembly theme this term. So far, Mrs. Allison has talked about Roahl Dahl and Mrs. Hambling has done an assembly on A. A. Milne. We still have Julia Donaldson (I be-lieve Mrs. Drake has puppets!), Shirley Hughes, Enid Blyton and the wonderful Lewis Carroll to come. If you have any links or memorabilia related to any of these authors, we would love to hear from you.



The Friends Second Hand Shop

The shop will be open for purchasing on:
Tuesdays: 8.30 am—9.30 pm
Home Weekend Fridays: 2.30 pm—3.30 pm

For further information please contact


Late Stay and Owls

Please remember to sign up for Late Stay and Owls including supper when required. We need to give the kitchen advance notice of food requirements so that they can organise their daily menus and ingredients.