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When I grow up!

A huge ‘WELL DONE’ to all the children who performed in our summer show on Monday. We were so pleased that so many parents came to watch and have been inundated with wonderful feedback and thanks. The children just loved this performance, especially as they chose their own characters and costumes – I hope you all stay in touch with us and let us know if they really do grow up to be artists, show men, engineers, racing car drivers or even pirates!

Middle School, Years 1 and 2 Activity Morning

This week, the Years 1 and 2 children joined the Middle School for a range of problem solving and team building activities. All the tasks were designed to stretch and chal-lenge while providing a real sense of fun and purpose. The younger children listened beautifully, and it was lovely to see them engaging so confidently within their group. The older children set a very good example and there were excellent examples of potential leadership and collaboration. We also welcomed some new friends who will be joining OBH in September. We hope they enjoyed their morning with us. Many thanks to the teachers and children for making this all possible.

A Fantastic Concert!

A very big congratulations to all the children who performed in our CONCERT WITH A COFFEE on Monday. Children who have individual music lessons had the opportunity to sign up and perform a short piece and to our delight we had 24 performers from Year 1 and Year 2.

We had singers, pianists, drummers, a flautist, a guitar solo and our brand new violists. I am always so impressed by the confidence the children show and lack of inhibitions. One parent mentioned to me afterwards how lovely it was that we had performances from children with two years of lessons and some children who have only had a few lessons!

The day the teddy bear’s had their picnic

Amid the clear blue skies and beautiful sun shine……..on Monday, we looked forward to our EYFS Teddy Bear’s Picnic the following day. Sadly the weather was not quite as we had hoped, but we
braved the grey clouds and drizzle and had a wonderful time. The EYFS team made the walled garden look beautiful, with colourful bunting and teddy bear balloons, tracked down by the amazing Mrs. Pryke! The new Whispering Garden played host to a collection of teddies, picnicking around mini tables and a lovely small world fairy garden. We also had face painting and the freshly filled
sandpit! Towards the end of lunch, the Piccolo Singers (our wonderful PP choir) popped out to sing ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’, followed by the arrival of 20 more Year 1 and Year 2 teddies to deliver ice creams for everyone. A wonderful time was had by all!

Life’s a beach!

We had a bumper delivery of sand today – which has filled up our huge sandpit in the walled garden, as well as the new sand-pit in the whispering garden and a few others dotted around the Pre-Prep. Along with Mr. Rob’s amazing shelter, that he is building over the sand pit, and a new delivery of spades and sieves on the way, the children should have a lovely last few weeks of digging and getting sandy!

Marvellous Mars Assembly

Mrs Pugh did a wonderful assembly this week, continuing our theme of normal people who have achieved amazing things. She started the assembly by showing the children a picture of an astronaut and asking if they could come up with some names – interestingly, they all said men’s names. Then Mrs Pugh read them the story about Samantha, a female astronaut. They talked about food in space and wondered what would happen if we took ice cream up. They all laughed and one pupil said that if it went to Mars it would melt, because Mars is the hottest planet. Then she showed them the real astronaut ice-cream (brought from the space shop in America) and the children all went “wooooow!”

The children all know this, but please feel free to borrow one of our books from the front hall to read about more normal people, who have done amazing things: Goodnight stories for Rebel Girls & Stories for Boys who dare to be different.

Royal Wedding Celebration

Pre-Prep put on a street party in celebration of the Royal wedding. The bunting fluttered in the wind, the sun shone and the tiaras sparkled. The kitchen laid on the most delicious spread for us and we cheered so loudly for the Royal couple that I am sure they heard us in Windsor! Many thanks for sending in such wonderful crowns and tiaras!

Year 2 visited Year 3

The Year 2 children are very excited about their move up to the Middle School in September and we have started to think about the transition. They all worked really hard on their letters to the Year 3 class, asking them lots of brilliant questions about Year 3, ranging from… ‘What uniform do we need to wear?’ and ‘What are the new lessons?’ To…. ‘How long is the classroom?’ During the week, we spent 45 minutes with Mrs. Warren and the Year 3 class, finding out the answers to our questions. It was such a lovely morning – many thanks to the Year 3 children and Mrs. Warren.

What a splash!

With woggles at the ready, goggles on and plenty of suncream, the children have loved a few dips in the school pool. After only a couple of swims it is amazing to see how their confidence has grown and the fun they have been having!

The Whispering Garden

The Year 1 and 2 children have started plans for an EYFS Whispering Garden, within our walled garden. We want to make a place where the younger children can go to escape the hussle and bussle of the main garden and spend some time in quiet imaginative play. The Year 1 and 2 children are planning and creating the garden as part of their MBE lessons. We are planning a mud kitchen, fairy tree, rainbow pathway, sun catchers, chalk board and sandpit.

Play across the year groups

One of the wonderful things about being a small department, is how the children play across age groups at playtime. At so many schools, children only play with children in their class, or parallel classes…. Not at OBH. Two Year 2 girls, one Year 1 girl and a Nursery girl playing a wonderful game with two Year 2 boys and two Reception boys – the whole age range in our Pre-Prep. They were playing chase, races, cheerleading and having a wonderful time!

Parent and Baby/Toddler

Every Tuesday morning during term time, 10.00am – 11.30am
Themed crafts, soft play and music each week and toddler dance/drama session every half term with dance teacher Miss Sarah.

The Friends Second Hand Shop

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Late Stay and Owls

Please remember to sign up for Late Stay and Owls including supper when required. We need to give the kitchen advance notice of food requirements so that they can organise their daily menus and ingredients.