Pre-Prep Notice Board

Spotty Dotty Day for Children in Need

On Friday 16th November we will be inviting all the children (and the staff!) to donate £1 to dress up in their finest spots and dots for the day. There will be some prizes for the best outfits. We will also be having a special Children in Need assembly given by 7RB.

A Peek at our Week…

This week in the Nursery the Little Raindrops and Sunbeams have been learning about Guy Fawkes and fireworks, which made learning especially yummy when they made breadstick ‘sparklers’ that were dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkles. They have also been making beautiful Remembrance Day poppy crafts.

Rainbow class have been busy learning their last few set 1 sounds and working hard on getting the formation right – they loved practicing their formation in whipped cream on the table top! We have been really enjoying our role playing this week; we acted out the story of Rama and Site (for Divali) two times and the story of Guy Fawkes 3 times! They all wanted to play every different role.

This week Acorns enjoyed spending some time with Rainbows learning about Remembrance. Together they created a wreath made from handprints and poppies. This was followed by painting a field of poppies using watercolours. Our nativity rehearsals in the Old Gym have started and everyone is working hard to learn the songs and their lines. In Geography we began writing a diary entry about Neil Armstrong after learning about his space discoveries.

The Dragonflies have been busy being pirates in maths completing various multiplication and division problems using treasure to solve the questions. Thankfully questions were answered correctly so no one had to walk the plank! A lovely display of their work is up in the classroom, if you get a chance do come and have a look at it.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

We had such a wonderful afternoon – the sun shone, as did the amazing Year 2s running their stalls. So many parents commented on how proud they were of their child taking ownership of their game/stall. They had the patter down to a tee and really impressed us all with their handling of the money and change. “Only 10p a go!” and “Would you like 2 games or 10p change?” Thank you to all the parents who also helped out with the stalls and to everyone who kindly donated cakes for the cake stall. A superb total of £230.60 raised…and still more coming in!

Pre-Prep and Year 8 joint project

Mr. Drake and his Year 8 children are taking on an exciting project alongside our Pre-Prep children to design and build our own outdoor classroom in the pod of trees behind Nursery. The children are all very excited and looking forward to getting things underway during our MBE lessons with Mrs. Allen.

Our New Nursery School

Everyone has been working very hard over the summer clearing out, stripping, painting and refitting our Nursery. We are now proud to be eco-responsible. With eco-friendly heaters and lighting, wooden flooring and blinds, wooden/PBA free furniture and storage, lots of gorgeous new eco and natural resources. Please do pop in and see it if you have not already.