Prep Notice Board

The Blue Crystal

Year 3 & 4 took us to Planet Earth 2000 years into the future with their performance of The Blue Crystal. Along with a robot, clones and a hologram newsreader. The heroic spaceship crew fought the Zarcons until they were confronted by the Zarcon princess – and a dilemma! Both planets needed the crystal to survive so who should own it?

3 Regiment Army Air Corp Visit

Tuesday started off as a normal end of term Tuesday……. BUT…… at lunch time the whole school were informed that at 1.30 pm an Apache was due to fly over the school and perform a demonstration! There was an immediate buzz of excitement and the children from both the Pre-Prep and Prep waited patiently by the drive, with some children hoping to spot from which direction it was approaching.

And… Wow ….. What a display. An amazing aircraft and we were all very privileged to have been treated to such a wonderful display. Afterwards four pilots from 3 Regiment happily chatted to the Year 7s in the Outdoor Classroom and were really impressed with the intelligent questions that the children asked.

Our thanks to Lt. Col Nick English (and his co-pilot) who was piloting the Apache and to Lt. Johnstone, Capt, Zehner, St. Sgt. Bahr and Sgt Highlands who willingly gave so much of their time. A little birdie has reported that they will return in the autumn for a World of Work talk.

Tennis Success

Well done, to Lucy, Lily, Madison and Margaux who finished second in the County tennis finals.

U10 County Finals

After qualifying for the county finals the team, consisting of Oscar, Gus, Jago and Charlie, put in a perfect performance in the semi-final with 4 singles and 2 doubles wins. What followed was a nail-biting final which came right down to the final match, with OBH eventually triumphing 4-2 in an extremely tense and nerve-racking final. The well deserved title “County Champions” is down to their hard work, not just this term, but all year and in all weathers alongside a remarkable ability to play their best tennis when seemingly under the most pressure – well done, boys!

World Cup Day

Years 5-7 took part in a World Cup themed cross curricular day. The children were split into different countries and spent the day completing different tasks. They went on a fact finding mission in history, solved the problem of the mystery football shirt mix up in maths and designed a mascot for the 2022 World Cup in DT. As part of the team building challenge the children had to build a raft capable of transporting one of the team, along with a football across the swimming pool. Japan’s raft was fantastic as it was the only one to remain intact! During their art session, the
children were set the challenge of designing a new shirt for the different countries. These were all very detailed and can now be seen around the school. Science was all about respiration and the need for glucose during exercise. The teams worked very well to rate various sports drinks according to their glucose content. English became a competitive game of bingo in which the teams had to identify books or characters from the different countries in the World Cup. All the children had a great day and learnt lots; not only about the how the subjects they are taught have a relevance to the World Cup, but how to work effectively as a team. Well done, to everyone!

Here’s what the children thought:

“All the teamwork and socialising with the other years was brilliant.” Ben
“I enjoyed the raft building and the swimming because we were working as a team to get the football across.” Jemima
“My favourite session was DT because we made our own mascot.” Luca

Year 8 Cricket Tour

The Year 8s enjoyed a wonderful three-day tour to Gloucestershire. We set off on Monday morning and arrived at Wycliffe School for lunch and then were straight in to our matches. The Boys 1st team won a close game by six runs. Oliver (41) and Sam (31) drove us into a strong score of 137 from 15 overs and despite some wonky bowling, we narrowly defended our score. The 2nd team also won by a convincing margin of 21 runs while the girls lost by 25 runs.

That evening the children mixed crazy golf with burgers and chips at Mr Mulligan’s Lost World of Golf in Cheltenham and after a morning playing in one of the town’s beautiful parks, we were off to Beaudesert Park School for our second fixture. The 1st team racked up 156 for 4 from 20 overs, with Caspar (35) and Ben (40) batting starring. Charlie then took three wickets as we bowled them out for 69. The 2nd team made it two out of two as they rattled up a hugely impressive total of 153 runs whilst finishing off their game opponents for less than 50 runs. The girls earned a hard-fought tie scoring 68 runs each. They then went on to enjoy a fun mixed match where they got to know each other and form friendships. After the matches, we were royally entertained by the staff at Beaudesert who put on a swim and a barbeque for the children. A cracking few days!

U12 Bunbury Cup Finals day

The U12 boys played RHS in the first semi final of the Bunbury cup. OBH batted first and managed a very respectable 123 from their 20 overs, with Orlando scoring an impressive 50 on what was a difficult pitch to bat on. RHS batted well and it was clear that they were going to reach the target with overs to spare, having said that our boys bowled well, but it didn’t stop RHS winning the game with four overs to spare. We played Framlingham College in the 3rd and 4th place play off. We batted first and Orlando and Freddie got us off to a good start, both scoring 50’s, with Freddie Bidwell chipping in with some big hitting, scoring 26. We set them a total of 157, which we were confident we could defend. The boys bowled well again and Framlingham were in trouble, 7 down after 15 overs, and struggling to keep up with the run rate. After 20 overs Framlingham managed 128, which meant we placed 3rd in Suffolk. A great effort from the boys, and a well deserved win.

Truly Scrumptious!

Mrs Bolton’s Year 3 DT group created their own ‘Superfood Smoothies’ on Monday. As part of the DT curriculum we have been studying Food Technology and our intrepid chefs made their way over to the Cookery Room with a spring in their step (and freshly washed hands!).

After perusing through a selection of finest fruits, they made their choices to create their own recipes for their smoothies. Charlie felt that limiting blueberries was very important, Jeremy whizzed the banana mix like a pro, Joseph finely chopped his strawberries with great care, Ruby carefully selected the very juiciest blueberries with a discerning eye, Sophie took time to add just enough honey to sweeten the drink, Trixie was an ace at organising everyone (even Mrs B!), Imogen happily sliced her banana into even chunks, whilst Darcey made a recipe using the very finest strawberries. Edmund was a whizz-kid on the blitzer.

There was much slicing, dicing, mashing and blitzing to be had by all and lots of fun. What a lovely start to the week and I hope it set them up for their exams!

Inaugural OBH Grand Prix

It has been a challenging few months for our Year 7 DT designers. They have all been working exceptionally hard on their Dragsters project. There have been trials and tribulations with chassis, axles, wheels, motors and whether or not to have elastic band ‘tyres’. After a few weeks of tests and experiments with numerous variables, Year 7 worked hard to create their own wonderful ‘Wraps’ adding colour and customising their Dragsters using Vintage Design on the iPads. The results have been super from Shiyao’s wolf theme to Austin’s Cobra design.

Last Saturday, as the racers lined up for their heats, the tension was palpable as the pupils made last minute adjustments to their dragsters. Early tests were successful, although getting the cars to drive in a straight line needed an expert eye and more than a little perseverance! There were several really super performances from Violet, Freddie and Fergus, whose cars sped across the wooden floor. Jasper spectacularly won his race, backwards… teaching us all that we can ‘improvise, adapt and overcome’ when faced with the challenge of a motor which does not run in the right direction.

However, the overall winner was Fenella, whose Tropical car sped like Grease Lightning across the finish line. Well done, to runners up Scarlett and Evalina (whose car sadly lost a wheel in all of the action!). What a brilliant end to our Year 7 DT project and it is great to see the next generation of designers, engineers, mechanics and (perhaps) drivers in action! Enormous thank you to Mr Swiney – it has been a long road, but we all got there!

The Leys Challenge Day

Ten Year 6 children were selected to take part in the first Leys Challenge to be held for many a year. Ten other prep schools were in attendance, who all enjoyed excellent hospitality and a selection of physically demanding and fun activities on land and water. In the morning OBH got to test themselves on the low ropes assault course and getting each member of the team safely, if somewhat inelegantly, over a very high wooden wall. Following on from that was an opportunity to use The Leys .22 rifle range with each of our pupils emerging from those darkened vaults proudly clasping evidence of their sharp shooting skills.

In the afternoon we decamped to The Leys lake 10 miles outside of Cambridge. In scorching hot weather OBH took to the waters enjoying some rather exciting sailing, thanks to a good east to west breeze. Following that, and concluding the activity programme, the children had a chance to go out in Canadian canoes where, it has to be said, they spent more time jumping out of their vessels than in them under the very watchful eye of a very understanding and knowledgeable set of instructors. Having given their thanks and saying their good byes, it was a quick exit from the lake in order to be back in time for the Summer concert. All in all a very busy but also hugely rewarding day for one and all.

Star Bakers

This week in cookery, the Star Bakers made some delicious lemon cakes. Thank you to Thomas, Fergus and Greg and to Mimi who decorated them so beautifully. All proceeds will be donated to the Daisy Charity.

Design Technology

4SG and 4NP have been very busy in Design Technology creating their own eco canvas bags using the Vintage Design and Hand Drawn apps on iPads to design their own monogram. They have been also designing posters to persuade us all to be more eco-friendly and swop from plastic to canvas shopping bags. Other highlights of this project have included badge making and the ever
popular pom pom keyrings which have made a return to the Stable Yard! Well done to both groups, who have created some really stunning prototypes with dazzling designs. Meanwhile 3EW have been busy in the Food Technology room creating rainbow fruit kebabs followed by a taste testing picnic by our pond. Next time we will be making fruit smoothies – delicious

Year 7 Potential Scholars Trip to Ampleforth

OBH is extremely fortunate to have a school of Ampleforth College’s reputation and standing in the world of public schools offer its undoubted expertise and experience in providing an opportunity of giving our potential scholars an exclusive insight into the challenges they will face if and when they decide to take up a scholastic challenge.

With that in mind sixteen pupils and two members of staff travelled up to North Yorkshire last week to sample the delights on Ampleforth’s distinctive Benedictine approach to education and partake in a variety of workshops and activities geared towards bringing out those qualities senior schools are looking for when it comes to handing out awards to its future pupils.

Under the care and guidance of so many of Ampleforth’s staff, who gave so freely and generously of their time, interview techniques where honed, Dragon’s Den presentations delivered to a very quizzical panel whilst academic and athletic challenges abounded throughout our all too brief period of time spent at the college.

It is fair to say that Ampleforth managed to bring out the best in every one of OBH’s children, individually and collectively and there were only the most positive of comments made about our pupils in terms of their ability, the way they handled themselves at all times and their sheer joie de vivre.

Year 4 Camp Out

At the end of last week, the Year 4s enjoyed a splendid evening sleeping under the stars as part of the annual Year 4 camp out. Having successfully pitched their tents and collected the firewood, the children enjoyed a banquet of burgers and pulled pork. With the daylight fading and the stars starting to emerge, Year 4 sat around the fireside, telling each other campfire tales of mystery, humour and suspense before disappearing into the dark for a thrilling game of
Spotlight. Tired from the day, they finally returned to their tents for lights out and rose early the next morning to take down the camp and finish with a bacon butty! It was a brilliant time for everyone.

The OBH £10 Challenge: South Suffolk Show

As part of the OBH stand at the South Suffolk Show, sixteen Year 7 children joined the OBH team to sell their wonderful products. These were produced from the OBH Ten Pound Challenge set by Mr. Swiney in Design Technology. During the past four weeks each group had been working on their projects
during break time. They had designed logos, thought of business names, created ideas, and during the last couple of weeks built the product that they planned to sell. The diversity of each little business was brilliant; there were scented candles, wooden chopping boards, friendship bracelets, soap, pom poms, face painting, and pallet wood furniture. An excellent array of ideas produced within a limited amount of time and cash!

The stall was set up early in the morning with the children joined by Mrs Webster with her willow wands, together with Mrs Allison, Mrs Williams, and Mrs Riddleston who were on hand to talk to the many visitors to the stand. So many skills were learnt throughout the day including leadership, teamwork, cash handling, and learning how to communicate and sell to the public. Each business had the public intrigued about what they were selling, and by the end of the event each company had made a profit with a combined profit of £260 which has been donated to WaterAid, one of the school’s supported charities. And….. to cap it all the OBH Stand was awarded Second place for Most Innovative Stand of the Show!

Well done, to all of the children who took part. They were brilliant ambassadors for the school and perhaps budding entrepreneurs.

Year 6 Geography Field Trip

Year 6 travelled to Stowmarket on a beautiful day on Tuesday to carry out their urban field study. It was a very productive and successful outing, where the children worked enthusiastically as they gathered data on building use variations from the CBD to the outskirts of town. They also conducted a simple questionnaire to study issues relating to transport use and how long people have lived in the area. There were numerous positive comments from the public on how polite and friendly the pupils were during this exercise.

The task now will now discuss and analyse the data gathered and look at
different forms of data presentation.

Oundle Science Day

On 10th May four Year 6 children and Mr Bunting attended the annual Science and Technology Day at Oundle. This event started life as a competition but this year the emphasis was on enjoying the experience of doing science whilst working with children from other schools.

Activities included extracting DNA, programming robots, rates of reaction and the physics of stopping. This was a hugely enjoyable day which gave the children a chance to see a senior school in action.

Informal Concert

No fewer than 22 performers took part in our latest informal concert. From debutants to more experienced performers, everyone played or sang to a high standard. These concerts are a great opportunity for reluctant and nervous performers to get used to the experience in an unintimidating environment, and it was particularly pleasing to see more than one performer beat their nerves to show themselves that there is nothing to worry about, and show everybody how good they are.

House Shout

2018’s House Shout saw four songs from film and stage musicals. They were all sung to a high standard which gave our judges (Mr. O’Sullivan, Mrs. Riddleston and Mr. Roberts) a very difficult job. Jupiter started with a spirited rendition of “This is Me” from “The Greatest Showman”; special mention to Austin Carroll for his solo. Mars and Saturn gave us songs from “The Sound of Music”. Mars’ “Do-Re-Mi” started (at the very beginning, a very good place to start) gently, then built quickly to a rousing climax, while Saturn’s “My Favourite Things” was a polished and enjoyable performance. Mercury drew the competition to a committed conclusion with their version of “Do You Hear the People Sing” from “Les Misérables”. While the judges deliberated, the Pre-Prep delighted the rest of the school (and reminded them of their A B C’s) with “A, You’re Adorable”, before Mr. O’Sullivan emerged to announce the winner (twice, although no Oscar envelopes were involved): by the narrowest of margins from Saturn, with Mercury being the well-deserved victors. Well done, to all four Houses for a really fun morning.

Year 4 visit to West Stow

Year 4 had a lucky break with the weather and excitedly visited the Anglo-Saxon village of West Stow. The children had the opportunity to explore the museum and impressed the guide with their enthusiasm and knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons. The eight huts in the village gave a practical under-standing of how our ancestors lived. The children were fascinated to learn that the Anglo-Saxons believed elves were responsible for chicken pox!

Schools Farm & Country Fair

Our day out at the School Farm and Country Fair was an enjoyable and interesting day for the children and staff. With plenty of sun cream applied and hats firmly on, we set off for Trinity Park. We were welcomed by Rupert Brown and enjoyed a drink and a snack on arrival. The children were then divided into five groups and were accompanied around the show by Mrs Riddleston, Mrs Powell, Mr Gillott, Mr Pascalides and Mrs. Warren while benefitting from the experience of our elected stewards for the day: Rupert Brown and Claire Brown. Joining many other children aged 7 to 9 from different state and prep schools around Suffolk, we learnt about many aspects of farming, electricity, Anglo-Saxons, the dangers of sugar, waste and we even learnt how cricket bats are made. There was a good range of livestock to see and the children loved holding the ducklings and chicks. Even more importantly, all the children, without exception, were perfectly behaved despite being rather hot!

Toddle Waddle & Fun Run

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the Toddle Waddle and Fun Run on Thursday afternoon. It was a great success and enjoyed by all!

Tinky Winky (aka Mr Drake) started the run and there was a fabulous array of colourful costumes all around the course. Special mentions must go to Freddie and Freddie who ran the whole course in flippers and to Mr. Gillott who was dressed as wardrobe!

Sponsorship is flooding in and we have already exceeded our target of £2000!

We are very grateful for your tremendous support of our charities, WaterAid and For Daisy and DIPG Brain Cancer Research.

World Book Day

Our annual celebration of World Book Day took place on Thursday. As ever, the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed dressing as their favourite book characters and there was an array of wonderful costumes. The morning began with extended House meetings, which allowed children from Pre Prep through to Year 8, time to share extracts from their most loved stories. This was followed by a whole school assembly, which was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the children’s love of reading. Thank you to all of the children who participated in some way. It was noticeable how clearly and confidently they spoke. Well done, to the winners of the Best Costume Competition; they all looked amazing.

Informal Concert

Over 20 performers from Year 3 to Year 8 delighted their audience in the Old Gym at our latest informal concert. From Year 3 beginners giving their first performance to experienced players and singers performing pieces from last week’s ABRSM exams, everyone performed to a very high standard. Particularly enjoyable was the rich variety of instruments on display: pianos, drums, guitars, strings, woodwind and brass were represented. Well done, everyone!

The Friends of OBH Quiz Night

The Britten Hall was buzzing with fifteen teams of excited quizzers for the ultimate honour of being the winners of the annual Friends of OBH Quiz Night. There was much cheering when answers were correct and much sighing when they were not! Music, sport, history, art, science, television and nature rounds and some fiendishly difficult anagrams tested the brains of the OBH parents and staff, but for the third time the eventual winners were the staff team! Everyone enjoyed delicious curries and brownies. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported us on the evening – £2092 was raised, which will go towards the continued refurbishment of Rory’s Place.

Musicians play at OAP Lunch Club

Eight talented musicians recently entertained over forty pensioners at the Red Gables Lunch Club in Stowmarket. The programme included voice, piano, viola, cello and flute solos. All the children excelled themselves with outstanding performances. They also chatted confidently with their audience. They were incredibly well received with many positive comments. These included: “what a credit they were to the school”, “how charming and well-behaved they were”, “how they brought tears to the eyes” and “please could they come again!”U13’s travel to Norfolk!

The Boys’…

On the Thursday before half term the entire Year 7 and 8 boys and girls departed OBH for Norfolk to play Gresham’s and Langley Prep. The teams arrived at Gresham’s just as the rain stopped and after the warm ups the matches got under way. All five teams played some excellent hockey, with mixed results and some very tight games. Playing against a much bigger school was always going to be a challenge, but it was hugely pleasing to see the boys rise to the occasion.

After a hot match tea and some time to socialise, the teams made their way back to the accommodation for a much deserved night’s sleep. The next morning the girls came to join us for a hot breakfast and some time to relax before departing for Taverham Hall, where unfortunately the weather deteriorated. They played in rain for the majority of the afternoon, but once again the boys played some excellent hockey. It was just before 3.00 pm when a very tired, but happy group of boys boarded the buses for the final journey back to OBH.

It was a huge success taking two year groups, giving all the children a chance to experience touring before their senior schools, and although the results did not all go our way, it was pleasing to see the children socialise together and muck in. My thanks go to the staff, who gave up their time to help organise and manage the teams.

The Girls’…

Everybody was very excited to be having a night away in Norfolk and the highlight for the girls was staying in a windmill! The tour started with a fixture against Gresham’s School. With two hard fought games against a talented group, the A’s suffered a loss but the B’s grabbed themselves a win. Supper was served in the school where there was huge excitement as OBH socialised with the teams from Gresham’s.
We headed back to the windmill and were very thankful to Mr Drake for doing a special delivery of yummy hot chocolate which was enjoyed at bedtime. The girls all had a good night’s sleep and were up bright and breezy ready for the short journey up the road to the boy’s accommodation where everyone was greeted by the amazing smell of bacon! Thank you to Mr Swiney, Mr Miller and Mr Barrett for a delicious breakfast which set the girls up for the matches against Taverham Hall. The games were hard fought and ended with one win and one loss, but most importantly they all had a fun couple of days. The girls and I would like to say a special thank you to Mrs Thurlow for coming with us and Mr Drake for organising a brilliant mini tour of Norfolk!

Uppingham Orchestral Day

Thirteen pupils from Years 6 to 8 took part in the annual Uppingham Prep Schools’ Orchestral Day on Thursday. They joined with some 340 pupils from 21 prep schools to form one mammoth orchestra, so big there was hardly room in the hall for an audience for the closing concert. The children played either within the string ensemble or the wind/brass/percussion band, and then together for a medley of tunes from the Harry Potter movies. It was enormous fun and the standard of music-making was remarkably high considering the short rehearsal time. They all kept going really well throughout what was a very long day, and returned to OBH in the evening buzzing after a great day’s music-making.

Year 4 take part in Tractor Day

On Tuesday, Year 4 were delighted to welcome local farmer (and current parent), Rupert Brown, back to OBH as he brought in his 7-tonne, 240 horse-power Fendt tractor for Tractor Day.
Although the highlight of the morning was definitely the chance to sit in the cab (checking out the fridge) and imagine what it would be like to be out in the open fields, the class thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about working in modern farming. It was amazing to learn just how different it was a century ago when farmers relied on horses and the children were all impressed with what today’s tractors can actually do. Back in the classrooms the children continued to find out more on Farming and looking at where our food comes from, both home and abroad. Their next project will be to create some model farms ready for the Suffolk Show. Watch this space to hear how they get on…

Year 7 – Field study at Easton Farm Park

Once again, the weather was kind to us on our annual field trip to Easton Farm Park. The pupils were introduced to a vast array of facts and figures associated with farming in rural Suffolk. The
data they gathered is vital to their study of a primary economic activity in a developed country – part of the Common Entrance syllabus. The information will also be analysed and presented in various forms, one of which, will be a detailed land use map of the farm. This incorporates some excellent cross-curricular work involving complex ICT skills. The maths department also use the figures relating to crop, costs and values, to do some useful calculations relating to profit margins. The pupils were a credit to the school on the day out and our thanks go to Fi Siddle and her team for the generosity and support they offer OBH, every year, on this important field trip.

Year 7 trip to Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studios

On Tuesday, very early in the morning, Year 7 climbed aboard the OBH ‘night buses’ on a journey to Warner Bros Studios, Herts to visit the magical world of Harry Potter. After a safe and seamless journey, navigated by our professors, there was a great sense of enchantment in the air, as we arrived at the gates of Warner Bros. Studios. Year 7 hopped, skipped and jumped through the entrance hall where they were met with giant JK Rowling quotes of encouragement, inspiration and wisdom, one of which they may have heard before from our very own Dumbledore.
“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” There was something for us all to reflect on, and as we embarked on a trip fuelled by JK Rowling’s ability to imagine a magical world. Her choice to passionately pursue her creative dreams, in spite of the numerous difficulties, dilemmas and obstacles that she faced is something of an inspiration.

As Year 7 stood outside the door to the Great Hall, there was a great a sense of anticipation in the air, and the promise of butterbeer! But what to choose to do first? Mimi and Scarlett, eagerly clutching their Harry Potter Passports, frantically searched for their souvenir stamps from every corner in each room! Meanwhile Mauro took a spin in The Weasley’s recalcitrant car, whilst George B soon took to the skies on Hagrid’s vintage pale blue motorbike and casually mentioned something rather brilliant “Isn’t it amazing that all of this has come from one person’s imagination?”

Josh was keen to take a peak in Dumbledore’s office, whilst Freddie B and Freddie A-C tried to escape the wham of the whomping willow. Annabel and Fenella made a mad dash for the Hogwarts Express with all of their trunks on their trolley at Platform 9 ¾. Austin, Edward and Xander found broomstick control was trickier than first expected, whilst playing green-screen Quidditch; still I think they will be selected for the Dr Marshall’s Gryffindor 1st team! Evalina and Arabella tentatively tiptoed through the Forbidden Forest, whilst trying not to disturb the gargantuan arachnid Aragog, his whole family and cousins twice removed (crumbs!). Charlie was filled with amazement throughout the day from his first step into the Great Hall to his last in the gift shop and Thomas was our resident detective finding all of the golden snitches with great tenacity. Gregory and Gus enjoyed a pleasant afternoon tea in Hagrid’s hut, whilst Charlotte and Shiyao attended an informative wand masterclass – Alohomora! Fergus, Orlando and Jasper strolled uptown to Diagon Alley, past Weasley and Weasley’s and Gringots, whilst Ines and Violet popped into Ollivanders to look at the chocolate wands. Ella was fascinated with her time-turner – could she make time to take a look at 32 Privet Drive? Ned was captivated by the stirring cauldrons in the potions room, whilst Freddie and Anthony sampled the delights of the giant lollipops from Honeydukes – do not worry Surgey, we have saved you a sugar quill! Thomas bravely munched on Bertie Botz every flavour beans and, seems to have avoided the snot flavoured ones I am told with great authority. But where were Mr Hayes, Mrs Chapple, Mr Barrett, Mr Swiney and Mrs Powell? Broomstick practice of course! We have the photographic evidence! At this point, some of you might be wondering ‘what about Bryce?’ Well, it is simple, he strongly suggested – insisted – that we MUST ALL look at the giant model of Hogwarts. And as we entered the room, I heard a faintly gasped chorus of ‘Wows’ from our Year 7 children: the mastery, the mystery, the myth and the magic of the day encapsulated in one moment. Bravo Year 7, you have passed your OWLS with flying colours. What super stripy company, great ambassadors for OBH and lots of wonderful memories. It would seem, Dumbledore’s advice is meant for every single one of us, not just Harry Potter….

Middle School Concert

Each and every child performed with tremendous enthusiasm and it was delightful to be a member of the audience at such a special school event. There was a terrific variety of individual instruments including piano, trumpet, violin, cello and drums and we were also treated to a very special harp performance. It was also lovely to hear both solo and paired singing
performances. Singing in front of an audience is particularly brave as there is no instrument to hide behind. The group performances did not disappoint, and it was excellent to see every child in Year 3 plucking and bowing their violins together, while the finale pieces sung by all the children blew the roof off.

Touch Typing

The touch-typing course will recommence on Monday morning, (15th January), for all those pupils who use a laptop or are working towards the use of a laptop in class. The sessions will run as follows, and will be supervised by the staff indicated.
All sessions start 8.10am until 8.25am.
Monday Mrs Wainwright
Tuesday Mrs Campbell
Wednesday Mrs Hayes
Thursday no session
Friday Mrs Campbell
If anyone else is interested in improving his or her typing, speed and accuracy, please e-mail Mrs Campbell on

Woodbridge Cross Country

It was an absolute pleasure to take the cross country squad to Woodbridge School on Thursday. It was a misty and damp morning but this did not show in the children’s enthusiasm. This was a challenging course, with a steep hill section, which tested all the athletes, especially after such a long Christmas break.
Ella Pryke ran first and ran a gutsy race to come 36th overall. The boys were next, Jasper Biggadike came 19th, Austin Carroll 18th and Freddie Harrison (competing a year young) 37th. Nicholas Warren displayed some true Warren grit and determination, competing alongside other Year 9 boys finishing the course in some fairly horrific conditions, huge credit to him.
Well done to the entire squad.

Informal Concert

Tuesday saw our fourth and last informal concert of term, the biggest so far, where pupils from Year 3 to Year 8 presented an enjoyable variety of pieces. There were first-timers, pupils just about to take exams, and some of our most experienced students. Again there was a consistently high quality of performance, and the audience of parents and fellow pupils enjoyed the programme very much.

Extra Drama Showcase

On Monday evening, Middle School and Upper School pupils had the opportunity to show their parents what type of skills and activities they explore in their Extra Drama lessons. It was a delightfully informal and unrehearsed event which began with pupils showcasing some of the exercises which they use to warm up, get into character etc. Smaller groups then took ideas from the audience in terms of characters, setting, event, genre etc and had twenty minutes to create a sketch: a piece of horror at the zoo, an annoyingly talkative host at a talent show…we even had a deadly snowman.

It was great to see the pupils using improvisation with such style and imagination and then co-creating absorbing scenes with their groups. It was a fun evening for all the adults and the children.

Book Fair

After a number of successful Book Fairs, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding another fair next week. The event will run from Wednesday 29th November – 6th December. Books will be displayed for Years 3-8 in the Inner Hall and in the PrePrep foyer for the Pre-Prep children. This will be a great opportunity for the children to choose some holiday reading.

Autumn Concert

Over 90 pupils from Years 3-8 took part in our Autumn Concert this year, performing to a packed Britten Hall. A great evening was had by all, and every ensemble, group and choir were a credit to all the hard work put in over this term so far. We started with the School Orchestra who played a rousing Radetzky March, with plenty of noisy military percussion, and a beautiful Scarborough Fair. Every member of the Jazz Band bravely stood up and performed a solo in their piece (wow!) and our Wind Band, much less experienced than last year’s, gave us an indication of some excellent potential. Our three string groups, from beginners to advanced, all performed with beautiful tone, but with great energy as the music required, impressing everybody.

Our percussion-based groups gave us a very exciting Pirates of the Caribbean (Baird’s Band) and hugely energetic and tight performances from both Samba Bands, the juniors proving that you can never have too much fruit, and the seniors providing a great riff and rhythm. The Rock Band really sounded like they Smelt like Teen Spirit, with their suitably grungy version of the Nirvana classic. The Chantelles make a beautiful sound, and the atmosphere of Pasadena showed this with very enjoyable string and percussion accompaniment. The concert ended with our Junior Choir (all Year 3-4) who proved, with great energy and enthusiasm, that it is possible to sing four songs at the same time.

Spotty Dotty Day for Children in Need

The school was full of colour in support of Children in Need. Beginning with a thought provoking assembly about how the charity supports disadvantaged children in the UK the day moved on to the awards for the best spotty outfit in Pre-Prep, Middle and Upper School. With so many fantastic costumes it was a tricky decision. In morning break the children assembled in their Houses for the annual tug’o’war. Loud cheers rang out as the teams took the strain. Mercury, supported by an energetic and motivating Mrs Warren with Mr Gillott as anchor, were a force to be reckoned with and were the overall winners.

Girls experience a masterclass of lacrosse from an England international!

What a great experience for the girls this was, and judging by their intense concentration and effort throughout they seemed to really enjoy the experiences of playing a new team sport. The Year 2 girls especially, could not get enough and by the time this session ended, they were asking for more! Our thanks to the Benenden coaches for travelling such a long way to come and see us.

Tennis Success…

Well done, to Zachary (Year 3) and Oscar (Year 4), who have both been selected for Suffolk Tennis, following a trial last month. Zachary has been selected for the U8 squad and Oscar has been chosen for both the U8 and U9 squads. This is a super achievement and we very much hope it is just the beginning of their success!

Netball Success…

A huge congratulations to Madison on her selection for the Suffolk Development Squad. She has done incredibly well in her first year of trials and battled it out against over 80 other girls!

Bushcraft Camp

During half term we ran the first, of what we hope will be many bushcraft workshops at OBH. We are lucky enough to work alongside Ray Chin, from Back to the Wildeness, who has recently returned from a two week expedition in the Amazon. Both days of the course were full, with the children experiencing different aspects of bushcraft and survival; making ‘atlatl’ spears, nettle cordage, gutting and preparing rainbow trout, fire lighting and rabbit poo glue production, were all eagerly undertaken. Having completed the initial workshop courses we will now be offering more specific and detailed courses throughout the year alongside Ray. Details for which will be released before Christmas.

Year 5 Science Trip to Xscape Centre, Milton Keynes

Year 5 had an exciting opportunity to visit the Xscape Centre in Milton Keynes. The children have been learning about ‘forces’ and the best way to teach the them about air resistance, mass vs. weight and gravity, is to let the children feel the ‘forces’ in action!
The children started the day with a workshop with Professor iFly. They learnt all about the importance of air resistance when designing cars and wind powered vehicles. Once armed with a wealth of knowledge, they were set the task of building their own wind powered car. They worked well in their teams to construct the most stable and aero-dynamic car possible. Time was soon up and they were ready to go down the track. After a tense round of racing, the winning car was ‘The Flash!’ After a quick drink and biscuit break, we made our way over to the wind tunnel where the children would be experiencing air resistance on an extreme level! Once briefed on the best flying position and the relevant hand signals, all the children got dressed in their flight suits ready to enter the tunnel. All the children waiting with anticipation for their turn to fly, watching with interest as their friends flew high in to the tunnel. Everyone really enjoyed the chance to float in mid-air and some even held their positions long enough to soar up to about 15ft. Once everyone had flown twice, the instructors showed us how changing your body shape can make you soar up to the top of the tunnel before quickly plummeting back to the bottom again. All the children were extremely polite and well behaved, with both instructors commenting on their good manners. Everyone had a great day and certainly learnt a lot about the forces around us.

Elite Coaching

A special elite sport workshop when Danny Grewcock MBE, former British Lions and England rugby player and now Director of Sport at Oundle School and Oundle hockey coach, Jacob Reed visited OBH earlier this week. Their wealth of experience was shared amongst the U13 and U9 children who relished the chance to work with such seasoned coaches. They are now looking forward to putting into practice their newly honed skills on the local opposition.

School Council

The school committee met for the first time this academic year and discussed everything from rewards and sanctions to which treees to climb and most things in between.  The children live and breathe the school more than anyone and so are often in the best position to see simple changes that can make a significant difference – watch this space!

The Worst Kids in the World

The Worst Kids in the World has now been cast. There were so many amazing performances that it has been an incredibly hard job. Every single child from Year 1 to 8 will appear in the final show so regardless of whether your child has a lead part or has a chorus role, they will be involved in what promises to be an incredibly exciting end of term production. The Year 5 & 6 show at the end of the Lent Term and the Year 3/4 show at the end of the Summer Term, along with a number of Pre-Prep productions, will provide further opportunities for the children to showcase their talents through the year.

Suffolk County Cricket

Congratulations to Cecilly Jewers who was selected for U11 squad. This is exceptionally good news as Cecilly was competing against other girls a year older than her. Madison Haworth-McKenna was also selected for the U11 squad. Fenella Jewers was selected for the U12 squad.
Congratulations to Casper Hall, Freddie de la Rue and Archie Miller who have been selected to train with the Suffolk County squad during their winter nets programme.

Visit to Downe House ‘Celebration of Scholars’ Evening

It was with great pleasure that I attended the inaugural presentation of Scholar’s Awards at Downe House last Friday. The evening was to celebrate this year’s award winners, which included Lottie Rowland who joined Downe House from OBH this September. As you may be aware, candidates from OBH including Lottie have received two of the very prestigious Headmistress’ Awards from Emma McKendrick in the last three years. This is an award which recognises academic excellence across all areas of the curriculum and for the contribution of individuals to the life of the school.
The evening was attended by all of the parents of scholars, along with those members of staff who had been instru-mental in helping pupils achieve their awards. It was a glittering occasion with everyone celebrating the academic, sporting, musical and artistic endeavours of those girls in Year 9, up to and including, the VI form. It was a very special evening and one that Lottie, her parents and I will not forget. Julia Campbell

The Friends Second Hand Shop

The shop will be open for purchasing on:
Tuesdays: 8.30 am—9.30 pm
Home Weekend Fridays: 2.30 pm—3.30 pm

If you have any queries with regard to second hand uniform, please email