Our two-year scholarship programme for Years 7 and 8 ensures that our pupils are given every opportunity to stretch their intellectual muscles and enjoy the challenge of preparing for 13+ academic scholarship exams. Potential scholars are identified in Year 6 by means of the widely used CAT tests, across the three areas of verbal, quantitative and non-verbal skills. Constant tracking and monitoring throughout Years 7 and 8 ensures that any pupil will have the opportunity to move into the scholarship group.

Scholarships awarded academic year 2021-2022

Name Scholarship School
E.G.L. Alexander Sports The Leys
H.W.H. Brown Sports Uppingham
S.M. Fletcher Oundle Scholarship Oundle School
C. G. Godfrey Oundle Scholarship Oundle School
R. J. I. Hargreave All-Rounder Ipswich School
C. G. Hoyle Sports Oundle School
L. McGrath Academic Ipswich School
F. E. Renville Academic Stonyhurst
G.W. Romer-Lee Music Gresham’s
I. S. S. Russell Thring Scholarship Uppingham
O. E. Wright Academic Oundle School

Scholarships awarded academic year 2020-2021

Name Scholarship School
C. J. L. Lock Design Technology Royal Hospital School
C.J.L. Lock Academic Royal Hospital School
A. W. Miller Sports Culford School
B. A. Moore Drama Woodbridge School
B. A. Moore Drama & Art Royal Hospital School
P.B. Thurlow Academic King’s Ely
P.B. Thurlow Sports King’s Ely
P.B. Thurlow Jubilee Culford School

Scholarships awarded academic year 2019-2020


Name Scholarship School
E.J. Ferguson Drama Uppingham School
F.W.B. Harrison Tennis Harrow School
M.C.A. Kelly All-rounder Ipswich School
N. Mannion Miles Art Stowe School
O.E. Myers Sports Oundle School
P.H. Teverson Sports Norwich School
W.R. Wright Academic Oundle School

Scholarships awarded academic year 2018-2019

Name Scholarship School
G.S.P. Alexander Academic The Leys
G.S.P. Alexander Sports The Leys
G.S.P. Alexander Neil White Scholarship The Leys
G.S.P. Alexander Sports Oundle School
A. Ball Art Monkton Combe School
A. Ball Academic Exhibition Dauntseys
T.W. Berryman Academic Rugby School
F.E.J. Bidwell Design Technology Uppingham School
C.W. Hayhurst Sports Downside School
F.A. Jewers Sports Oundle School
S. Liu Art Gresham’s School
S. Liu Art Oakham School
E.A. Nunn Sports Oakham School
S. Patrika Academic Sevenoaks School
S.E.W. Simmonds Art Uppingham School

Scholarships awarded academic year 2017-2018

Name Scholarship School
C.W. Hall Sports Winchester School
O. Stanton Academic Oundle School

Scholarships awarded academic year 2016-2017

Name Scholarship School
G.J. Whitelaw Sports Rugby School
C.K.J. Rowland Albert Memorial Framlingham College
C.K.J. Rowland Academic Framlingham College
C.K.J. Rowland Headmistress’s Award Downe House
M.J. Webster Music Woodbridge School
A.J.T. Sprott Sports Oakham School
B.W.E. Anderson Sports Oakham School
R.F.I. Garfoot Music Uppingham
C.G. Harrison Academic Rugby School
J.C. Dilnot Academic Ipswich School
J.C. Dilnot Music Ipswich School
C.W. Martin Academic Oundle School


Destination Schools

OBH pupils move on to senior independent schools across the UK. Below you will find links to the websites of some of these: