The principle aim of the Art Department is to facilitate the creativity of our children through the teaching of Art and Design to all pupils in the Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory school.

Art is crucial to the development of children: it is a means to refine moto-co-ordination, spatial awareness, it encourages experimentation and generates lateral thinking skills. Ultimately it enables pupils to promote a sense of self-expression and achievement through a creative process.  The environment within the Art Studio promotes the pursuit of creativity, knowledge and learning, encouraging pupils to always try their hardest, by persevering whatever their obstacles.

The syllabus is based on the OBH Curriculum, which enables the Department to deliver an education in Art and Design that promotes every pupil’s creativity, skills for independent learning, personal growth and provides an important foundation in preparation for senior school entry.  Central to this is the core skill of drawing and much emphasis is placed on learning this skill.  A broad range of disciplines are taught covering Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Textiles and Graphic Design.   A strong element of Art History- or studying Art, Artists and different cultures are the impetus for all practical work. There are a number of ‘Programmes of Study’ for each year, enabling staff to implement a curriculum which reflects, caters and addresses the particular needs of each form on an individual basis.  There are usually two large projects per academic year and an extension project is also provided.  Additionally, there are opportunities for those that demonstrate potential to join the Art Scholar’s Programme, whereby pupils are invited to create a portfolio of work for senior school entry.  Many pupils lack confidence in their ability or feel that success is out of their grasp, whilst others need to be challenged so that they can fulfil their true potential. All pupils are expected to push the boundaries of their knowledge, experiment with new techniques and learn from successes and failures alike.  The Art department aims to help pupils to foster a greater sense of self-belief and that every child develops a life-long enthusiasm and appreciation for Art.

A range of techniques are taught including:-

Drawing language, painting with acrylics and watercolour, mixed media, monoprinting, monotypes, lino printing, silk screen, easy-etching, ceramics, 3D construction, plaster carving, mosaic, felt-making, machine-based textiles, silk painting, T’shirt, poster and CD design.  

Additionally we also offer pupils with the opportunity to learn crafts during activities such as soap making, candle-making, glass-painting, Decopatch and fimo modeling.

Claire Bolton
Head of Art