Thank you for visiting our Remote Learning page. The documents on this page detail how we will remotely teach during Covid-19 lockdown. We are confident that this is an excellent learning platform that caters for all, according to need. If you are a parent at the school, you will of course already have had these documents, but they are in a convenient place here, together. If you are merely visiting our site, please do feel free to browse the documents. Regardless of what your current school does, you may find that these are useful when planning your own child’s needs over the weeks ahead. If you are a teacher from another school, please do feel free to use and edit our information to suit your need. At this time, the more that schools can do to support each other, the better.

Remote Learning Guides

Parents’ Guide to Remote Teaching

Learning Success at Old Buckenham Hall – Remote Teaching and Differentiation

Safeguarding Policy Addendum – COVID 19 Safeguarding Arrangements

COVID 19 Risk Assessment 2020


We are also posting videos to our YouTube channels:


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Remote Learning and Teaching in Action

The OBH Easter Upcycle Competition

The OBH Easter Upcycle Animals Competition

The OBH Easter Photography Competition

The OBH Easter Painting and Drawing Competition